Every feature needed for the ultimate dining
experience in one simple to use app.

We agree that there are some apps that do certain things very well. But why is it down to us, the users, to manage 5 different accounts to get the most out of our social and enjoyable dining experiences. The Gourmet Lizard is the answer. One account. One app. And Just one cheeky Lizard to be friends with.

Loyalty Rewards

Get rewarded for using the app regularly.

Push Notifications

Your favourite restaurants will send deals straight to your phone.

Book a table

A simple to use booking screen with instant booking confirmation makes booking a table.

  • offer
  • pushnoti
  • booktable
  • feedback
  • menu
  • friends

Send Feedback

Write confidential feedback to restaurateurs.

Browse Menus

Flick through photos and videos before you even walk in the restaurant.

Social Media

Get your friends to recommend the best places to eat.

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Why do you need The Gourmet Lizard?

With over 15,000 independent restaurants in London, finding the perfect place to eat can sometimes be difficult. Let our little reptile friend help you not only locate the perfect restaurant to dine at, but show you pictures, videos, menus, general information about the restaurant and even book a table. And being the gentleman that he is, he does it all for free!

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